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"She's a Sister, sister of PAIN." -Vince Neil "Sister of Pain"

The Wife

I had to look up the bad lyrics -- do you just know them off the top of your head???



"Got liqour in the front, and poker.. in the rear."

The Wife

You are a sick, sad man. I suggest that you cease wasting brain space on terrible song lyrics.


Well, it's either bad lyrics or bad cartoons.
Take your pick.
"I'll see you... on the FLIP side!" -Master Blaster from Kidd Video.


I did like the line "the preacher's daughter, she took off her leather dress."
Probably because of first hand experience dealing with Preacher's daughters.

The Wife

Don't you watch/listen to anything GOOD???


Umm.. not really.
If I did, then there wouldn't be good quotes to use.
And, if any of us read anything good, we wouldn't have boooks to rip on.
And we'd be bored as heck then.
Or boring Heck, whoever she is.
Not that she'd complain.

The Wife

Come now, I'd like to think I listen to and watch worthwhile things, and I think I can quote 'em with the best of 'em. But my quotes are just of better quality. :D


LOL, but we're ripping on BAD quotes.

The Wife

Okay, okay, I give!

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