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Psychedelic. It's like a 3d book. The 2nd time i looked at it, i saw the cave behind his rippling abs and dinner plate nipples.

The Wife

It's actually a scene directly out of the book (*Great* book, btw). But his nipples made it irrisistable.


She has interesting physical deformations.
Any normal woman sitting like that and wearing that little would be showing a bit o' the pink there by her butt.
But her left hip is obviously deormed, having her left butt cheek sitting higher than her right butt cheek.

The Wife

UW thinks her right foot looks deformed.


Yes, her toe bends inward at the joint by a mild degree.
I've seen worse, but that is still weird.

The Wife

I didn't notice it the whole time I've owned the book, until UW saw the cover and insisted that we use it.


Her hand. Look at her creepy left hand. Is it flat against the rocks?

The Wife

Possibly. It's still an great book, though.


Topaz Man again - Yuck, why did they always do him as a brunette? He looked much better as a blond.

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