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LOL!!! Why is he naked in an open field?? You can see some of his nut sack. You can also see her heaving bosom nearly falling out of that dress.


The pinky finger of her left hand looks as if it were recently re-attached, and not entirely in the correct spot.

The Wife

kathi, you're right. There's another cover that we'll be posting soon that has two hands, on two different people, that look completely deformed. BTW, WELCOME!

Olivia, I know! You can *totally* see his nutsack!


Gaseous lettering being emitted by the 'hero', she looks like she's passed out in shock.
It's casual Friday, and he didn't tell her.
Now we know why Prince Harr Reedycke didn't come to rescue Princess Swallow Dytole.
He's busy fuming out his neighbors.

The Wife

There's casual and then there's *casual*...


Oh my. . .I just realized what the artist did. . .they painted the chick's hand backwards! That "pinky" is covering (and not very well) a THUMB! Hahahahaha! The old pinky has been beefed up a little to be a thumb but it's still attached like a pinky! Telling Left from Right 101. . .You missed that day in art school! hahahaha! I can't wait to see the mangled hand cover! Wheee!

The Wife

kathi, you're right! I didn't notice it until I looked at the larger picture. It looks wonky here, but bigger? You can totally see that it's a paint-over job. Really badly done, too. That also explains why the indentation in his skin is so big from a pinky. Plus, her "thumb" is a slightly different shade than the rest of the hand, and the paint around the thumb is a little off color, too. This is soooo bad! lol Must do deformity soon! Got too amazed by the freak show last night!


Wonder what the original pose was to have her hand in that position to have to be 'painted over' like that?
Hmm.. weird.
"Press STAR sixty nine.."

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