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I agree with you UW. He is ugly. The pony tail is worse than a mullet. And why is the Australian price double?? What a rip off.

Also, isn't it suppose to be: "Where his loyalties lie" ?

The Wife

Seriously, he is the ugliest "hero" ever to grace the cover of a romance novel. He's fugly.

Is australian money worth half of what US money is? Or was it at the time?

And yes, I think it is supposed to by lie -- at least, that's what sounds right.


Current currency conversion is 1 Australian dollar = 0.8365 U.S. dollars, but when this book was released, perhaps it was higher. Or maybe they exported a limited number to Australia. Definitely a horrible cover and it does appear that the "fugly" gentleman is steering the boat with his eyes closed and facing in the opposite direction and one-handed. What a pimp though...

The Wife

I must find out who the model for this one was, to see if he's as ugly in real life. I would rather see the short, round guy from Seinfeld on the cover. This guy is a complete turn off.

P.S. Thanks for doing the look-up for me. :-P

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