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Her jacket is folded nicely with hat on top, but her dress/skirt is hiked up to reveal some knee? WTF, he wants her to roll over and perform for him... giggity


Here is my list of things wrong with this picture:
He looks like he is trying to look down her shirt.
His crotch is pointing in the direction of her face.
He has a mullet.
He has what looks like a very bear hairy chest. (Could be shadows).
You can see through her shirt a little bit.
He is wearing a Puffy shirt from Seinfeld.
Her dress is hiked up past her knee.
His facial expression is indescribable.
Palm tree leaves don't grow that low. lol. I think that's enough, have looked at it too long.

The Wife

And this is all without knowing just how horrible this book is. She is the worst author I've ever read, bar none. This book isn't as bad as the 3rd one, where the "hero" actually RAPES the "heroine" TWICE, but it's pretty darn bed. The scene where she runs fleeing the "hero" covered in blood is one that you can easily do without.

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