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"With one look he ignites the fire in your soul" ... he causes spontaneous combustion??
Thanks for sparing our eyes from the centrefold. Remember, we can't unsee this! He is so ugly! I don't think he is good looking at all! His chest is okay, but the hairy arms are weird. I hate his hair and is he wearing a skirt in the first pic??

Have you seen the footage of him on a roller and a bird flew into him and gives him a bloody nose?


Hey, I just remembered this. It's Shaun Micallef, I think he is the funniest Australian actor. He was on a comedy sketch show and did this send up of Fabio. It's hilarious, hope you like it :)

The Wife

Must have UW do the "Dance of Lust" for me. THAT would be... well, just f'n hilarious!

Did you ever see Bubble Boy? Fabio was FABULOUS in that. lol

justin bieber shoes

Over the past year Matt and I have dumped many loads of horse ‘stall mix’ into his chicken pen. Those chickens can flatten a huge pile of stall mix in a matter of hours as they sort though every morsel of horse manure looking for left over grains, grubs, and anything remotely edible. The wonderful outcome of their efforts is soil building nitrogen rich manure and eggs. Beautiful, nutritious eggs—a miracle of nature. I warned Matt to never pass out in the chicken pen, as they will eat his eyes out and then him.

P.S. we know this is spam, but we liked it too much to delete it. - UW

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